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CADENA LOGISTICA, SL is a company that brings together a young team, but with extensive experience in the fields of transport and logistics.

We differ in the sector by the level of customization that we reach with our clients, we aspire to be their logistics partners and help them achieve their goals with our commitment and efficiency.

We offer modern facilities, computing resources at a pace with new technologies and a team with extensive skills and experience.

Our goal is to create and maintain a healthy firm, committed and efficient, with bright future in the hands of our customers and suppliers to become partners of our project, while CADENA LOGISTICA, SL also want to be their own

CADENA LOGISTICA,S.L. | Av. Cantallops Nave 13 (08185) Lliçà de Vall - Barcelona | T 938 634 364 | F 938 437 533 |